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Descendants of Johann Paul Dreiser



descendants of Henry Schnepp


descendants of Theodore Dreiser



Descendants of Johann Paul Dreiser


Descendants of Henry Schnepp


Descendants of Theodore Dreiser




This post contains three reports (downloadable PDF files above) showing the genealogy of branches of the Dreiser and Schnepp (aka Schänäb) families.

The Schnepp or Schänäb family were ancestors of Theodore Dreiser’s mother, Sarah Maria (Schnepp) Dreiser, and of his second wife, Helen Esther (Patges Richardson) Dreiser.

These reports were generated using genealogy software. Each report shows the ancestor going back to a beginning point, so to speak, and then shows that ancestor’s descendants for a few generations down to the present (to the extent known).

The report entitled “Descendants of Theodore Dreiser” merely shows genealogical facts about the author and his spouses. There were no descendants.



— Roger W. Smith

   September 2019; updated May 2020