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Dreiser’s introduction to “McTeague”


Theodore Dreiser, ‘Introduction to McTeague’


Posted here, Dreiser’s introduction to:


A Story of San Francisco

By Frank Norris

with an introduction by Theodore Dreiser

Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.

Garden City, New York, 1928




“In his Introduction, “Dreiser recalls the impact McTeague had on him and his career.as a writer of naturalistic fiction. He praises Norris for being one of the first rank of American realistic novelists, but laments the lack of critical attention Norris has received from European and American critics who have ‘noisily lauded’ Stephen Crane, Jack Lendon, Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis, and Joseph Hergesheimer while ‘evading’ Norris. Dreiser is especially angry at the attention accorded Crane and at his being credited as the pioneer realist in American fiction. That honor, he felt, properly belonged to Henry B. Fuller [author of The Cliff-Dwellers, his best known work] of Chicago.” — Charles L.P. Silet, “Theodore Dreiser’s Introduction to McTeague.” Dreiser Newsletter 8 (Spring 1977): 15–17.



posted by Roger W. Smith

   November 2021