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Sara Dreiser (Aunt Juggie) postcard to her niece Gertrude Nelson, 1907


Sara White Dreiser postcard to Gertrude Nelson 8-4-1907


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Sara Dreiser (“Aunt Juggie”) was Theodore Dreiser’s first wife.

Her postcard was addressed to  Gertrude Nelson. Gertrude, who was born in 1894, was the daughter of Dreiser’s sister Emma and Lorenzo A. Hopkins. She took the surname Nelson, the name of her stepfather John Nelson. Later, Gertrude changed her last name to Hopkins.

Gertrude Nelson was living at the time in St. Louis with her aunt Mame, Dreiser’s sister, and Mame’s husband Austin Brennan.


— posted by Roger W. Smith



 Miss Gertrude Nelson
1324 Union Blvd.
St. Louis

posted from Avon, N.J.
Sun., August 4, 1907

My dear Gertrude:

You should see your mother and father* sporting at Avon-by-the-Sea. Your Uncle Teddy & I came a week ago & they are spending the day with us. We all go back this p.m. Your mother looks lovely. Love to all of you.

Aunt Juggie


*Emma (Dreiser) Nelson (Theodore Dreiser’s  and Emma’s husband John Nelson.

Harold J. Dies letter to Roger W. Smith, February 24, 2007


Harold J. Dies (1914-2012) was Trustee of the Dreiser Trust.  Mr. Dies was a first cousin once removed of Theodore Dreiser, and a half first cousin of Dreiser’s second wife, Helen Dreiser.

Harold J. Dies to Roger W. Smith 2-24-2007.jpg




— posted by Roger W. Smith

  March 2016