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“Dreiser is a great novelist, narrator and portraitist of capitalist America, a great interpreter of”human nature, … but he does not know women.” (Ruth Kennell on “A Gallery of Women”)


Ruth Kennell review of A Gallery of Women – Chicago Daily News 12-11-1929

Ruth Kennell review of A Gallery of Women RUSSIAN

Ruth Kennell review of A Gallery of Women TRANSLATION


Posted here (downloadable Word documents above) are my transcriptions and translations of the following:

review of A Gallery of Women (published anonymously) by Ruth Kennell, Chicago Daily News. December 11, 1929

РУТ КЕННЕЛЬ, «ГАЛЛЕРЕЯ ЖЕНЩИН» ТЕОДОРА ДРАЙЗЕРА, в Собрании сочинений Теодора Драйзера, Москва, 1938 (Ruth Kennell, “A Gallery of Women” by Theodore Dreiser, in The Collected Works of Theodore Dreiser, Moscow, 1938) — posted here are both the original Russian and my English translation.

Ruth Kennell was the “Ernita” of A Gallery of Women. She does not disclose this in either article.

Ruth Epperson Kennell (1893-1977), an American expatriate, became acquainted with Dreiser during the latter’s trip to the Soviet Union in 1927-1928. She served as secretary. translator, and guide for Dreiser and became Dreiser’s lover.

After Kennell’s return to America in 1928, she maintained an acquaintance with Dreiser but the two were not intimate. Kennell was the author of Theodore Dreiser and the Soviet Union (1969).


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   December 2021