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Ed Dreiser to brother Theodore, April 30, 1938


Edward Dreiser to brother Theodore 4-20-1938.jpg


Posted here is a copy of a letter dated April 30, 1938 from Theodore Dreiser’s younger brother Eduard Minerod Dreiser (1873-1958) to Dreiser

Mentioned in the letter:

“the Astoria family” —  Dreiser’s sisters Emma Wilhelmina Dreiser (1863-1936); Maria Franziska Dreiser (Mame; 1861-1944); and Cacilia Dreiser (ca. 1865-1945), all of whom lived in their later years in Astoria, Queens, New York City

“Mame” — Dreiser’s sister Maria Franziska Dreiser

“Mai” — Edward Dreiser’s wife Mai V. (Skelly) Dreiser (1878-1955)

“Vera” — Edward Dreiser’s daughter Vera Dreiser (1908-1998), Theodore Dreiser’s niece

“Paul” – Driers brother, the songwriter Paul Dresser (1856-1906)


— posted by Roger W. Smith

Edward M. Dreiser obituary



“Edward Dreiser Dead,” New York Times, January 31, 1958.

Edward M. Dreiser (1873-1958) was Theodore Dreiser’s younger brother.


Edward Dreiser obituary, NY Times 1-31-1958

New York Times, Friday, January 31, 1958