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“Dreiser, Daughter in Crash”



Dreiser in New Jersey car accident – NY Herald Tribune 7-10-1932

Clara Jaeger obit – The Independent (London) 11-21-2005


“Dreiser, Daughter in Crash”

The Daily Press, White Plains, NY

August 18, 1932

pg. 1


This news story (first PDF file, above) is full of inaccuracies which were fed to a reporter by Dreiser.

“Miss Dreiser,” the author’s “daughter,” was Dreiser’s mistress — later to become his second wife — Helen Richardson (1894-1955).

The driver, Clara L. Clark (1909- 2005), who was born in Philadelphia to a Quaker family, was a graduate of Wheaton College. After reading two Dreiser works, she contacted Dreiser by letter, and became his secretary and mistress. She later married William Jaeger , a campaigner for the Moral Rearmament Association, and, under her married name, published Philadelphia Rebel: The Education of a Bourgeoise, in which her seduction by and relationship with Dreiser are discussed.

Dreiser was a bad driver. He usually had his mistress Helen drive. An earlier automobile accident of Dreiser’s (mentioned in the Daily Press article) was reported on in the New York Herald Tribune. A second PDF (posted above) contains that news item.

— posted by Roger W. Smith

  March 2022