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Esther McCoy, “The Life of Dreiser’s Last Party”


Esther McCoy, ‘The Life of Dreiser’s Last Party’ – Los Angeles Times 8-21-1977

Joseph Giovannini re Esther McCoy – NY Times 6-21-1984


Esther McCoy

“The Life of Dreiser’s Last Party”

The Los Angeles Times

August 21, 1977


– posted by Roger W. Smith

 October 2022

Esther McCoy, “The Death of Dreiser”


Esther McCoy, ‘The Death of Dreiser’ – Grand Street (2)

Esther McCoy on Dreiser – Daily Worker 1-14-1946 pg 11


Posted here (PDF above):

Esther McCoy

“The Death of Dreiser”

Grand Street 7 (Winter 1988): 73–85

A few explanatory notes:

Esther McCoy (1904-1989) became acquainted with Dreiser in the 1920s. After graduating from the University of Michigan, she moved to New York to pursue a career as a writer and was a researcher and editorial assistant to Dreiser, who was then living in Greenwich Village. She had a fling with Dreiser.

McCoy became prominent as an architectural historian and writer on architecture.

The “Berk” mentioned in McCoy’s article was Berkeley G. Tobey (1881-1962), to whom McCoy was married at the time of Dreiser’s death. Tobey had multiple spouses; he was married briefly to Dorothy Day.

McCoy mentions Dreiser’s “nephew.” This was Harald Dies. He was not Dreiser’s nephew. He had just completed service in the US Army. Harold was a cousin of Helen, who herself was a second cousin of Dreiser. Harold James Dies (1914-2012) became Trustee of the Dreiser Trust.

I have also posted  here (PDF above) an article of McCoy’s on Dreiser published in the Daily Worker of January 14, 1946.


— posted by Roger W. Smith

  October 2022


Berkeley Tobey and Esther McCoy