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photos of Theodore Dreiser and relatives


Posted here (see below) are photos and portraits of Theodore Dreiser as well as numerous photos of Dreiser’s relatives and acquaintances.

There is some overlap with photos which I have already posted on this site. See



Notable among the persons included in these photos, besides Dreiser, are the following:

Esther A. (Schnepp) Dickerson, Theodore Dreiser’s aunt

Dreiser’s siblings Paul, Rome, Emma, Theresa, and Claire

Dreiser’s first wife Sara White Dreiser

Dreiser’s second wife Helen (Patges Richardson) Dreiser and several of her ancestors and relatives

Dreiser’s sister-in-law Mai Skelly Dreiser

Dreiser’s favorite niece Gertrude A. Hopkins

Dreiser’s niece Dr. Vera Dreiser

Harold James Dies, who was related to Helen (Patges Richardson) Dreiser and, more distantly, to Theodore Dreiser, and who served for many years as Trustee of the Dreiser Trust


Thanks are due to the following persons and institutions for permission to post photos:

Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania

Vigo County Historical Society Museum, Terre Haute, IN

the late Harold J. Dies

Gloria N. Vevante (a Dreiser family descendant)

Joann Crouch (a Dreiser family descendant)

Thomas P. Riggio

Please note: if you left click on a photo of interest, a descriptive caption for that photo will appear. If you right click on the photo, you will have the option of downloading (saving) it.


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   May 2017






Thomas Dowd-Claire Dreiser marriage


Theodore Dreiser’s sister Clara Clothilde Dreiser (1868-1918) was known as Claire. She married Thomas Dowd, a mine supervisor, in Phoenix, Arizona on  April 12, 1898.

Claire married secondly Henry V. Gormley; she was his second wife.

Claire Gormley died on May 30, 1918 in Schenectady, NY.


Clare Dreiser-Thomas Down marriage, imageedit.jpgClare Dreiser-Thomas Down marriage, imageedit.jpg

The Arizona Republican, Thursday, April 14, 1898

Mr. Thomas P. Dowd, superintendent of the Crown Point mine, and Miss Claire Dreiser were married in this city on Tuesday night [April 12, 1898]. They will remain in town for a few days after which trey will return to the northern part of the territory. Mr. Dowd is expected to leave for the Klondike shortly.


Thomas Dowd to Klondike, Arizona Weekly Journal 4-27-1898, imageedit.jpg

Arizona Weekly Journal, April 27, 1898

Thomas Dowd, formerly foreman of the Crown Point mine, has gone to the Klondike with his bride.


posted by Roger W. Smith

   March 2016