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Granville Hicks, “Theodore Dreiser”




Posted above in downloadable PDF format is a review essay on Theodore Dreiser’s last novel, the posthumously published The Bulwark, by critic Granville Hicks (1901-1982):

Granville Hicks, “Theodore Dreiser,” The American Mercury, vol. 62 (June 1, 1946), pp. 751-756

Hicks’s review-essay goes deeper than the typical review.


— Roger W. Smith

     November 2016




Edmund Wilson, “Theodore Dreiser’s Quaker and Graham Greene’s Priest”



Posted above as a downloadable PDF file is a review by Edmund Wilson of Theodore Dreiser’s final novel, The Bulwark, and Graham Greene’s novel The Power and the Glory:


Edmund Wilson, “Theodore Dreiser’s Quaker and Graham Greene’s Priest,” The New Yorker, XXII, no. 6 (March 23, 1946), pp. 88, 91, 92, 94.

Jack Salzman, “The Curious History of Dreiser’s The Bulwark”




Jack Salzman. “The Curious History of Dreiser’s The Bulwark.” In Proof: The Yearbook of American Bibliographical and Textual Studies. Vol. 3. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1973, pp. 21-61.


downloadable PDF file posted below



Salzman, ‘The Curious History of Dreiser’s The Bulwark’






Theodore Dreiser’s The Bulwark — a novel that had a very long gestation and was published posthumously — never seems to have received sufficient scholarly and critical attention. Lawrence E. Hussman, Jr. has called it Dreiser’s “most undervalued” work.

An exception would be the seminal article by Jack Salzman posted here. (See above link.) It is a difficult article to obtain or gain access to.

I wish to thank Professor Salzman and the University of South Carolina Press for permission to post this article.


— Roger W. Smith