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Granville Hicks, “Theodore Dreiser”




Posted above in downloadable PDF format is a review essay on Theodore Dreiser’s last novel, the posthumously published The Bulwark, by critic Granville Hicks (1901-1982):

Granville Hicks, “Theodore Dreiser,” The American Mercury, vol. 62 (June 1, 1946), pp. 751-756

Hicks’s review-essay goes deeper than the typical review.


— Roger W. Smith

     November 2016




Edmund Wilson, “Theodore Dreiser’s Quaker and Graham Greene’s Priest”



Posted above as a downloadable PDF file is a review by Edmund Wilson of Theodore Dreiser’s final novel, The Bulwark, and Graham Greene’s novel The Power and the Glory:


Edmund Wilson, “Theodore Dreiser’s Quaker and Graham Greene’s Priest,” The New Yorker, XXII, no. 6 (March 23, 1946), pp. 88, 91, 92, 94.