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links to useful Dreiser sites


Roger W. Smith’s Theodore Dreiser site



Dreiser Web Source, University of Pennsylvania Library

An excellent starting point. This site contains a wealth of material:

Three essays on Sister Carrie which place the novel in its historical and social context and discuss its composition.

Facsimiles of the 1900 typescript for Sister Carrie and early drafts of Jennie Gerhardt. The 1900 edition of Sister Carrie in facsimile and searchable text. The 1981 University of Pennsylvania Press edition of Sister Carrie in searchable text.

An extensive collection of photographs and a film clip from the library’s Dreiser collection.

An online version of Theodore Dreiser: A Primary Bibliography and Reference Guide, ed. Donald Pizer, Richard W. Dowell, and Frederic E. Rusch (G. K. Hall, 1991), which has been updated through 2012.

A Register for the Theodore Dreiser Papers. Provides a detailed, searchable inventory of the contents of the University of Pennsylvania’s Theodore Dreiser collection.

Essays on Dreiser’s reputation by Donald Pizer and on his life by Thomas P. Riggio.

“Dreiser’s Private Library” by Roark Mulligan. An exhaustive catalog originally published in Dreiser Studies in 2002.

Searchable correspondence (images of same) by Dreiser and others, including his family. This section is under development, but is already useful.


International Theodore Dreiser Society

This well designed site contains a “Heard in the Corridors” page with announcements of interest to Dreiser scholars.

The Resources for Researching Dreiser page includes:

PDF files for all issues of The Dreiser Newsletter (the predecessor publication to Dreiser Studies) from 1970 through 1986.

Full text images of the complete Dreiser Studies from 1987 through 2005. Dreiser Studies ceased publication with the winter 2005 issue and has been subsumed by a successor publication, Studies in American Naturalism.

The complete Dreiser Society Newsletter, 1991 through 1997, available in the form of PDF files.

The Dreiser Studies issues posted on this site (as noted above) contain bibliographic updates on Dreiser published in Dreiser Studies from 1992 to 2005.


Guide to the Theodore Dreiser Collection in the Clifton Waller Barrett Library, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library;query=;


Guide to manuscript collections related to Theodore Dreiser, Lilly Library, Indiana University


Catalog of the Robert H. Elias papers at the Cornell University Library

Robert H. Elias, who was intimate with Dreiser, was Dreiser, was Dreiser’s first biographer.


Guide to the Theodore Dreiser collection at the Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University;jsessionid=BB272670FCB889270DBF6891880B0BEE?tabs=detailsTab&ct=display&fn=search&doc=01EMORY_ALMA21238978130002486&indx=4&recIds=01EMORY_ALMA21238978130002486&recIdxs=3&elementId=3&renderMode=poppedOut&displayMode=full&frbrVersion=&vid=discovere&institution=EMORY&vl(4439115UI0)=any&query=any%2Ccontains%2Cdreiser&libsearch=woodruff&dscnt=0&scp.scps=scope%3A%28repo%29%2Cscope%3A%2801EMORY_ALMA%29%2CEmory_PrimoThirdNode&vl(freeText0)=dreiser&dstmp=1498512248172



Introductory (Dreiser’s life and works)

For a quick introduction to Dreiser with links to Dreiser sources, see:

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature – A Research and Reference Guide / Chapter 6: Late Nineteenth Century – Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)



Theodore Dreiser – Wikipedia



“Theodore Dreiser: American Author” – Encyclopaedia Britannica

by Dreiser scholar Lawrence E. Hussman


“Theodore Dreiser” – Chicago Literature/Critical Writers of the 20th Century


“Theodore Dreiser” – The Literary Encyclopedia


“Theodore Dreiser: Sister Carrie” – The Literary Encyclopedia


“Theodore Dreiser: An American Tragedy” – The Literary Encyclopedia


“American Naturalism” – The Literary Encyclopedia


“Theodore Dreiser” – The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.



Online e-texts of Dreiser works:


Sister Carrie

Project Guttenberg


Sister Carrie

Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library


Jennie Gerhardt

Project Gutenberg Australia


The Financier

Project Guttenberg


An American Tragedy

Project Gutenberg Australia


Twelve Men

Project Gutenberg





Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)

A web page maintained by Donna Campbell which provides links to useful sites.


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   February 2016