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Stephen Stepanchev, “Dreiser Among The Critics”






Posted here is a downloadable PDF file of an abridgment made by Stephen Stepanchev of his dissertation “Dreiser Among The Critics” (New York University, 1950). The abridgment is available at the New York Public Library.

Marianne Debouzy, “L’irruption du matérialisme: Theodore Dreiser”






Marianne Debouzy, ‘L’Irruption du Materialisme; Theodore Dreiser’



The downloadable PDF file posted above comprises a chapter from a monograph by Marianne Debouzy: La Genèse de l’Espirit de Révolte dans le Roman Américain 1875-1915 (Bibliothèque de Littérature et d’Histoire; Paris: Lettres Modernes Minard, 1968):

“L’irruption du matérialisme: Theodore Dreiser”

My thanks to Marianne Debouzy not only for giving me a copy of her book, but also for granting permission to post the chapter on Dreiser.



— Roger W. Smith
    June 2017

Virginia Woolf, “A Real American”



Virginia Woolf, “A Real American”; from The Essays of Virginia Woolf, Volume III, 1919-1924, pp. 86-88.  Originally published  in TLS, August 21, 1919.

A review of Free and Other Stones and Twelve Men which appraises Dreiser in general terms.



Virginia Woolf, ‘A Real American’