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The Dreiser Edition





The Dreiser Edition

General Editor: Jude Davies

Textual and Managing Editor: Thomas P. Riggio



Professor Jude Davies of The University of Winchester assumed the role of General Editor of The Dreiser Edition commencing with the publication of Dreiser’s The Titan: The Critical Edition in 2016. Prior to that, the General Editor was Thomas P. Riggio, now Textual and Managing Editor.









The Dreiser Edition is a publishing venture which was begun by the University of Pennsylvania Press and the University of Indiana Press to publish scholarly editions of the complete works of Theodore Dreiser, including the novels of Dreiser as well as primary documents such as Dreiser’s autobiographical writings, diaries, travel writing, correspondence, articles, and interviews with Dreiser.

The Dreiser Edition is sponsored by The University of Winchester, The University of Connecticut, and The University of Pennsylvania Library. With the publication of Dreiser’s novel The Titan in 2016, Winchester University Press has become The Dreiser Edition’s publisher.








University of Pennsylvania Press

Sister Carrie: The Pennsylvania Edition; historical editors, John C. Berkey and Alice M. Winters; textual editor, James L. W. West III; general editor, Neda M. Westlake (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1981)

The American Diaries, 1902-1926; edited by Thomas P. Riggio (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982)

An Amateur Laborer; edited by Richard W. Dowell, James L. West III, and Neda M. Westlake (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1983)

Dreiser-Mencken Letters: The Correspondence of Theodore Dreiser and H. L. Mencken, 1907-1945 (two volumes); edited by Thomas P. Riggio (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1986)

Journalism, Volume One: Newspaper Writings, 1892-1895; edited by T. D. Nostwich (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1988)

Newspaper Days; edited by T. D. Nostwich (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991)

Jennie Gerhardt, edited by James L W. West III (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992)

Dreiser’s Russian Diary; edited by Thomas P. Riggio (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996)

Twelve Men; edited by Robert Coltrane (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998)


University of Illinois Press

A Traveler at Forty; edited by Renate von Bardeleben (University of Illinois Press, 2004)

Interviews; edited by Frederic E. Rusch and Donald Pizer (University of Illinois Press, 2004)

The Genius; edited by Clare Virginia Eby (University of Illinois Press, 2008)

A Picture and a Criticism of Life: New Letters, Volume I; edited by Donald Pizer (University of Illinois Press, 2008)

Letters to Women: New Letters, Volume II; edited by Thomas P. Riggio (University of Illinois Press, 2008)

The Financier: The Critical Edition; edited by Roark Mulligan (University of Illinois Press, 2010)

Political Writings; edited by Jude Davies (University of Illinois Press, 2011)


University of Winchester Press

The Titan: The Critical Edition; edited by Roark Mulligan (University of Winchester Press, 2016)






Dreiser’s Literary Criticism

European Diaries

Dawn (the second volume of Dreiser’s autobiography)

a key source for “Sister Carrie”?



The following article does not appear in Dreiser bibliographies because it is not about Dreiser:

Henry, Sarah M. “The Strikers and Their Sympathizers: Brooklyn in the Trolley Strike of 1895,” Labor History 32.3 (summer 1991): 329- 53

However, the article would presumably be of interest to Dreiser scholars. It covers the Brooklyn trolley strike of 1895, which Dreiser drew upon for the plot of Sister Carrie.

In chapters XL and XLI of Sister Carrrie, the strike is described in great detail. Hurstwood, who is at first sympathetic to the strikers, becomes a scab out of desperation to find employment. He works as a trolley car motorman for a single day, and is subject to obloquy and physical abuse by strikers and their sympathizers.

The above referenced article is posted on online at

It is not downloadable except for a fee and with permission of the publisher.



— Roger W. Smith

     October 2016

new French translation of An American Tragedy published



Theodore Dreiser

Une tragédie américaine

translated by Victor Llona

translation revised and corrected by Victor Loupan

Monaco: Group Artège, 2015, 920 pp.




Une tragedie americaine - cover
 — a note on the bibliography


The bibliography posts on this site cover works ABOUT Theodore Dreiser from 1990 to 2008.

These bibliographies were compiled mainly while I was serving as bibliographer for the now defunct journal Dreiser Studies.

  • Citations for the years 1990-2004 originally appeared, in somewhat different form, in Dreiser Studies.  See online at

I thank the journal for permission to reprint that material. These citations have been expanded by incorporating new entries and by consolidating previously overlooked entries.

In the bibliographies posted here, I have, contrary to usual practice, occasionally included entries that cite reviews of secondary sources — for example, reviews of biographies of Dreiser — where I thought such entries contained pithy content that might be of interest.

An online version of the standard Dreiser bibliography, Theodore Dreiser: A Primary Bibliography and Reference Guide, ed. Donald Pizer, Richard W. Dowell, and Frederic E. Rusch (G. K. Hall, 1991), updated through 2012, is available at the Dreiser Web Source of the University of Pennsylvania Library at


— Roger W. Smith





Dreiser bibliography, 2008



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Dreiser bibliography, 2007



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Dreiser bibliography, 2006



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