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“From Boni & Liveright comes the interesting announcement that Theodore Dreiser has written a new novel”


re new novel (An American Tragedy) – NY Times 5-18-1924



Books and Authors

New York Times Book Review

May 18, 1924

pg. 20

Сергей Динамов, “Теодор Драйзер и революция” (Sergei Dinamov, Theodore Dreiser and Revolution)


FINAL, RUSSIAN Dinamov – Preface to A Gallery of Women

FINAL, ENGLISH Dinamov – Peface to A Gallery of Women


Posted here as Word documents are the original Russian article:

Теодор Драйзер и революция

Предисловие к Теодору Драйзеру: Собрание сочинений, том 8

Москва; Ленинград, 1933 г.

and an English translation by Roger W. Smith:

Theodore Dreiser and Revolution

Preface to Theodore Dreiser: Collected Works, Volume 8

By Sergei Dinamov

Moscow; Leningrad, 1933

Sergei Dinamov was a Russian critic.

See also a copy of the original article below.


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September 2022


Dinamov, ‘Theodore Dreiser and Revolution’ ORIGINAL

“Author of Sister Carrie Formerly Was a St. Louisan”


‘Author of Sister Carrie Formerly Was a St. Louisian’ – St. Louis Post-Disptach’ 1-26-1902 (2)


Posted here (PDF file above) is an early interview with Dreiser:

“Author of Sister Carrie Formerly Was a St. Louisan”

St. Louis Post–Dispatch

January 26, 1902, pg. 4

This interview has already been published in Theodore Dreiser: Interviews, edited by Frederic E. Rusch and Donald Pizer. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2004.


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   September 2022

a Dreiser parody


Ted Robinson, Jack and Jill parody – Ithaca Journal-News 4-25-1921 pg 4


This parody of Dreiser by Ted Robinson appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (date unknown) and was reprinted in the Ithaca Journal-News of April 25, 1921.  It was one of several parodies of Jack and Jill as told by various writers.

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  September 2022

an early notice of Dreiser


‘The Literary Outlook (2)- Los Angeles Tiimes 8-12-1898

‘The Literary Outlook’ – Los Angeles Times 8-12-1898


Posted here, an early, interesting notice of Dreiser:

“The Literary Outlook”

by E. C. Martin

The Los Angeles Times, August 12, 1898, pg. 7


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   September 2022