Edmund Wilson review of Tragic America



Edmund Wilson review of Tragic America – New Republic 5-30-1932


Posted here is Edmund Wilson’s review of Dreiser’s Tragic America in The New Republic of May 30, 1932.

It gets at — very effectively — the question of flagrant infelicities and weakness in Dreiser’s writing versus the strengths of same. And it perceptively examines how Dreiser’s thought and political views were evolving at the time and becoming more aligned with Communism.


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   July 2021

1 thought on “Edmund Wilson review of Tragic America

  1. bruyerecl0541

    I enjoyed reading Wilson’s article on « Tragic America ». I am too tired to write at length, so will send you by snail mail two pages from my main book en Anderson which involve his relationship with Dreiser and Wilson in the days of the New Deal and give an idea of his political stand and its literary expression after visiting various factories. You surely can get some help for the French if necessary. Best wishes, Claire


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