Roger W. Smith, letter to editor; August 1, 1990




I am posting this letter of mine to the Editor of “News at 10,” the alumni newsletter of the New York University Department of Journalism because it speaks, from the perspective of journalism, about Dreiser as I perceived him and his works at an early stage of my acquaintance with him.

— Roger W. Smith

   June 2018




See also my post:

“mistaken attribution (Dreiser credited with early news story he didn’t write)”

mistaken attribution (Dreiser credited with early news story he didn’t write)


Note that I now doubt that Dreiser wrote the January 12-13, 1894 St. Louis Republic stories about the hanging of Sam Welsor.

4 thoughts on “Roger W. Smith, letter to editor; August 1, 1990

  1. tamszion

    Excellent points, Roger.

    By the way, I told my sister (a former archivist for 18 years) and brother-in-law (retired history professor) about your experiences with Professor Riggio. They both felt it was unethical behavior on his part. My sister says that your unpublished research notes and summaries (as written to him in the form of an e-mail or as copied by you as you did the research) are protected by copyright law and you could have a case against him. They both feel you should report what happened to the journal where he published his article. They feel it would not be taken lightly. My sister has attended a number of trainings on copyright law, as a librarian and archivist. She knows her stuff.


  2. Michael Lydon

    Excellent letter!! I really enjoy and learn from your dreiseronline posts!! My Dreiser work is going sloooowly, but it is going!



  3. Roger W. Smith Post author

    Thanks much for input, Michael.

    Please keep me informed about your work on Dreiser. I’m always interested.

    I myself have new stuff in the pipeline. Hope to have several posts with new content soon.



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