quotes and comments re Dreiser


quotes and comments re Theodore Dreiser


Posted here are (downloadable Word document above) are quotes and comments re Dreiser.


— compiled and posted by Roger W. Smith, May 2008

  updated May 2022

2 thoughts on “quotes and comments re Dreiser

  1. Arnold Bennett

    Arnold Bennett referred to Dreiser several times in his journal:

    “Undoubtedly I have been refreshed and invigorated by reading Dreiser’s ‘The Financier,’ which absolutely held me. ‘The Titan,’ which I am now reading, is not so good.

    “Dreiser’s ‘An American Tragedy.’ I have already read 150 pages of this novel. The mere writing is simply bloody — careless, clumsy, terrible. But there is power, and he holds you, because his big construction is good. The book quite woke me up last night, just as I was going off to sleep.”

    Hope this is of interest.



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