Dreiser “industry”?


The following is an email from Roger W. Smith to Tamie Dehler dated November 6, 2017.



Tamie —


The Dreiser biographers and scholars are so lazy:


didn’t know complete identity of Emma’s lover Hopkins (“Hurstwood”) or what became of him after Emma left him

or identity of Hopkins’s wife (“Julia Hurstwood”) and that she was murdered by her brother in law in a sensational case after Hopkins left her

could not determine what became of Dreiser’s brother Al, who “disappeared without a trace” (they assumed)

are oblivious to the fact that Dreiser’s sister Claire had a short lived marriage with a first husband, a miner, whom she married while briefly living in Arizona

never knew that Dreiser’s wastrel brother Rome was married

couldn’t determine the identity of Dreiser’s lover Marie Pergain (the “mystery woman” involved in the scandalous “toothpick incident”)

did not know the identity of Helen’s concert pianist lover, or any of the facts about the imbroglio involving Dreiser, Helen, the pianist, and Marie Pergain; its twists and turns and its denouement

never bothered to find out the facts of Carl Dresser’s (Dreiser’s nephew) birth or death or the real identity of his father, “Don Ashley”

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