Michael Lydon, “Justice to Theodore Dreiser”


Lydon, ‘Justice to Theodore Dreiser’


Michael Lydon, “Justice to Theodore Dreiser”

The Atlantic, August 1993

Posted courtesy of Michael Lydon (see downloadable PDF file above)

Michael Lydon is the author of On Reading Theodore Dreiser’s The Bulwark (Patrick Press, 2011) and Theodore Dreiser, Anna Tatum, & The Bulwark: The Making of a Masterpiece (Franklin Street Press, 2017)


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   April 2016

2 thoughts on “Michael Lydon, “Justice to Theodore Dreiser”

  1. Michael Lydon

    This is great. If readers respond, I’d love to know what they say. Many thanks, Roger!! You are building an important library!




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