dreiseronline.com – a note on the bibliography


The bibliography posts on this site cover works ABOUT Theodore Dreiser from 1990 to 2008.

These bibliographies were compiled mainly while I was serving as bibliographer for the now defunct journal Dreiser Studies.

Citations for the years 1990-2004 originally appeared, in somewhat different form, in Dreiser Studies.  See online at


I thank the journal for permission to reprint that material. These citations have been expanded by incorporating new entries and by consolidating previously overlooked entries.

In the bibliographies posted here, I have, contrary to usual practice, occasionally included entries that cite reviews of secondary sources — for example, reviews of biographies of Dreiser — where I thought such entries contained pithy content that might be of interest.

An online version of the standard Dreiser bibliography, Theodore Dreiser: A Primary Bibliography and Reference Guide, ed. Donald Pizer, Richard W. Dowell, and Frederic E. Rusch (G. K. Hall, 1991), updated through 2012, is available at the Dreiser Web Source of the University of Pennsylvania Library at



— Roger W. Smith

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